The professionaccording toTalea

TALEA is an indipendent firm of lawyers and chartered accountants that serves businesses and families on a daily basis.

Through its expertise, professionalism and confidentiality, Talea acts as a hinge through the various life-stages of the company and during every rite of passage as well as provides support to its clients during all stages of their development by focusing on their business and history

With the objective of supporting and simplifying, as well as finding the most straightforward solutions to complex problems.

The way we conceive the profession is all about protecting the balance between the dynamic capability to regenerate and the continuous update and preservation of the principles and behaviours that mark our history and our identity.

Talea Tax Legal Advisory

The core of each TALEA consists of the essence and the roots that lead individuals to transform their own history through passages, choices and unique paths while keeping their strong identity and allowing it to grow over time.