On July 1 2022 IVS Group SA, a company listed on the STAR Euronext Milan, active in the vending sector of beverages and snacks, has completed the acquisition of around 94.6% of Liomatic SpA and 100% of GeSA SpA, also active in the vending sector, in the framework of the Business Combination agreements executed respectively on October 2021 and January 2022.
From the integration of IVS, Liomatic and GeSA arises a group active in a number of EU countries with 2021 pro forma sales of around Euro 552 million, leader in the Italian vending sector.
The total equity price for the shareholdings acquired amounts to Euro 192 million ca, financed mainly with the proceeds of the share capital increase of IVS Group S.A. of Euro 186 million ca completed on June 2022.
The shareholders of Liomatic and GeSA have reinvested over 70% of the price in IVS underwriting a dedicated share capital increase of IVS Partecipazioni Spa (IVS Group controlling shareholder).
IVS Group S.A. has been assisted by TALEA Tax Legal Advisory with Gabriele Consiglio, Fabrizio Lanzoni and Melania Mazzon for the investment agreement, by Paolo Ziotti of Studio Legale Clarizia for the antitrust clearance and by Latham & Watkins with Antonio Coletti and Marco Bonasso for the share capital increase and the market profiles.

Liomatic and GeSA shareholders have been assisted by ADR with Andrea Netti, Eleonora Netti and Marta Fioretti.